Monday, September 19, 2011

I moved!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't blogged in so long - I had such a busy, busy summer! The busiest thing was that I moved! Have you ever moved before? It's such a long process - both the packing and the unpacking. The best part is getting to set up your new place though, want to see my new room?

This is my desk - where I blog! I love my bulletin board because I keep pictures with my friends there. See the picture of me with Inky? And the one with Lanie? I'm lucky because I didn't move too far away from Lanie, we'll still get to see each other sometimes. I am starting at a new school though, which makes me nervous!

This is my little hedgehog family, aren't they the cutest ever? I keep my games up on the shelf, too. Have you ever played Bop it!? It's so fun, but really tough.

I chose my bed crown above my bed because it reminds me of the outdoors - a big fluffy white cloud, blue sky and the beautiful stars!

I have my ipod and my silly little speaker-man on my nightstand so I can listen to my tunes whenever I want.

My doll trunk sits at the end of my bed. It's one of my favorite things - see how perfectly Samantha fits inside? And there is a perfect little doll-sized drawer for her clothes.

Sunny really isn't supposed to be up on the furniture, but sometimes I let him. Don't tell! He's so big and heavy he makes my bed springs creak!

It feels good to be back blogging again!

PS - you might notice some changes on the blog. The pictures are BIGGER, the background is a little different.


  1. Piper, my sisters and I love your room! :-)

    It's set up so nicely, and you have a lot of cute stuff. We especially like the hedgehogs.

    Moving can be stressful (all the girls in our family have done it at least once) but we're glad you're getting settled in!


  2. Piper! I've missed you so much! I'm so happy you're back!

    Your new room is just so awesome! Your bulleting board is so cute, and your hedgehogs collection is great! Me wants!

    I think your bed crown is beautiful, it does reminds of the outdoors =D

    Love you lots!

  3. Hi Piper! So nice to see an update from you! I love your room... it's decorated so well, and all the details make it very homey. I wish my room was as nice. =)

    I've never moved, but my cousin Allie has moved around a bit. Her dad is in the service, so he sent her to live with my family. We share a room now.

  4. I really like your hedgehog collection!

  5. What a pretty room :) Glad you're getting settled, moving is hard.

  6. cute ^o^ u should make a vid of u new room i think that would be cool

  7. Piper,
    Your room is soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!=D
    I want it!!!!!!! Yes that would be cool if you made a video!
    My brother used to have that hedgehog collection!=D
    They are soooo cute!
    You can find them in a toy store:)
    How did your owner/human/mother find all thoes tiny things for your room?=D
    It's sooooo cool!=D

  8. Hi Piper!
    Good to see you again! Your room looks AWESOME. You're so lucky to have a big room with lots of stuff...
    I love your new blog look, and hope to hear from you again soon!

    ~Arizona Kali Buchanan~

  9. Very cute! Love your new room and the Hedgehogs! Love the new layout.

  10. Where did you find the little trunk for Samantha?

  11. Piper, your new room is so beautiful! We all love it. It's great to hear from you again. Things have been pretty crazy for us, too, so we completely understand.

    I love your hedgehog family, too. I have a bunny family just like it. :)

    We also have Bop It! Like you said, it's fun but really hard to play sometimes, especially when it keeps getting faster!

    Glad your doing well...I hope you have a wonderful time at your new school. :)

    Tess for all of Beast'sbelle's Gals :D

  12. Hello Piper!! I love your blog, and it is so adorable!! :) Great pictures, have fun at your new school and I can't wait to hear about all your adventures!!!! :) Beautiful new room!!

  13. Salut, Piper!
    I love your room. Your bed crown is beatiful. I especially love the star. I had stars on the ceiling of my old room...I kind-of miss them. In a way, they helped me to feel safe.

  14. I LOVE your new room, Piper! I've moved a few times before, and it's a little hard at first, but it's really neat to see a new place and meet new people! :)


  15. Your room is just lovely! I moved all the way across the country this summer -- from Boston to California. It was pretty hard... I hated it here at first, but I'm getting used to it.

    And Bop It is really fun! =)

  16. Oh, Piper! I LOVE your room. I haven't really moved since I came to the US, but I have switched dorm rooms a few times. Having to pack all of my stuff up and then unpack it all is never fun! However, I love arranging my room in a new way each time. In fact, room design is one of my favorite things to do, just ask the big person who lives with me. ;)

    What a nice desk! It reminds me of one a professional graphic designer might use. You must feel so grown-up whenever you sit down at the computer. Those shelves are really cool, too, and are definitely a great way to keep your toys organized - and away from Sunny, too!

    It's great to hear from you again - I've missed seeing your posts! I'm sure you'll do fabulously at your new school, too. You'll make friends in no time!


  17. your back and i know moving is hard!

  18. You room is so cute, piper!!! I love it :) I also love your new blog layout! :)

  19. Hi, Piper! I just read your whole blog and loved it - your pictures are so pretty! Your new room is awesome, especially your hedgehog family. They are so cute!

  20. Wow Piper!! Love your room! I moved too! Only I moved from Japan to Virginia! My room is still a mess. You are also very web savvy. I just started a blog called Grace's Place but I can't post pictures until i find a way to take parental controls off my laptop. Oh and btw we have the same laptop!

  21. Wow! Piper, your room is amazing! We need a doll trunk like that around here.

  22. Where did you get that little doll trunk?!?


  23. I've missed you Piper! I was wondering why you haven't posted.
    Anyways, I just love your new room! It's so cute! And I definitely love the bed.

  24. The room is adorable and the photos are very nicely done.

  25. Cool room, piper!!!