Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making Spring Inside

I'm so excited because my friend Inky is here visiting me from New York! I had so many fun things planned out to do with her, but it keeps raining and snowing here. I'm so tired of the snow, I'm ready for Spring and warm weather!

Inky and I wanted to take Sunny for a walk, but it was snowing again. I was so disappointed and feeling low, but then Inky suggested that we could make it Spring inside the house! Inky is so clever.

We pulled out a bunch of craft supplies and got busy.


We cut out butterfly shapes from pretty paper and decorated them.


Then we got really creative. I'll show you how to make a really cool butterfly!

You need two squares of pretty paper, about the same size.


Fold them up like a fan.



Then you need something that holds its shape. I used a twist-tie. A pipe cleaner would work really well, too.


Bend it in half, and then slide your folded up papers inside it. Pinch it together at the top of the papers, and bend the ends into curly antennae.


Now you've made a cute butterfly that you can put anywhere that needs a little bit of Spring!

If you want to see how to make another type of butterfly, visit Inky's blog!

Inky and I taped the butterflies all around my desk. Inky even hung one from the ceiling! Isn't it fun?


Now my desk is all about Spring, even though it's still acting like Winter outside!


Monday, March 21, 2011

My Facebook Fan Page!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to quickly announce that I now have a facebook fan page! You can fan me here !