Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reading in the Garden

My Easter dress this year looks just like Nellie's! I'm so excited about it that I keep trying it on and wanting to go out in it. If I do, I have to be super careful to not get it dirty. But today I went out in the garden and read with Nellie. It's so fun to match my doll, everyone who comes by has something nice to say about it.

I'm so excited that Spring is finally here! The weather is so nice, and I don't have to wear a big heavy coat anymore. I love the pretty flowers that will start to bloom soon. Are you excited for Spring? What is your favorite thing that comes with Spring?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My End of the Rainbow

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!!!
Lucky me, I found the end of the rainbow, complete with a pot of gold!!

Okay, I actually made this pot of gold myself with a Styrofoam ball, some pipe cleaners, and pasta!
I wove a bright green ribbon into my hair-do to help protect me from pinching fingers today. Holidays are so fun!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Keeping on my toes...

I absolutely love ballet. I could dance all day long! This summer I'll be taking Ballet Foundations 2 at the Ballet West Academy. I can't wait. Every day I stretch and practice.

I always take time to stretch so I won't pull any muscles!

Then I practice my Pliés in each of the five positions - two Demi and one Grand. This is third position.

Miss Lisa always says to use pretty "ballet fingers"!

I'm working really hard on my turnout.

I love attending ballet class with my friends, and I love performing at our recitals! I also love to watch ballet, I got to see Cinderella performed last year and it was so beautiful. Have you ever been to a ballet?