Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Inky and I had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We made ourselves some silly bunny ears by taping paper onto headbands. I even convinced Inky to wear one of my dresses for the holiday. (Inky doesn't really like dresses.)

Inky and I got fun Easter baskets - guess what was inside both of ours? Bubbles!!

Blowing bubbles is so much fun. It was a little windy, so the bubbles were going everywhere!

Inky and I pretended like the bubbles were magical fairy balls. We had so much fun blowing them and running around chasing them!

Sunny was really interested in the bubbles. He kept watching them and barking.

Then one landed on his nose! He was so surprised!

I think he was just as surprised when it popped!

We also got big delicious chocolate bunnies in our baskets! They were so yummy!

Sunny was really curious about my chocolate bunny too, but I didn't let him get too close. Chocolate is bad for dogs.

I hope you all had a fun Easter, too - with lots of candy and chocolate!