Monday, May 31, 2010


Our local movie theater was doing a special screening of Sleeping Beauty this week, so Lanie and I went to see it.

That movie scares me! Especially the part when everything goes all green and Aurora has to prick her finger - eek! The end is pretty scary too, when Phillip is fighting Maleficent as a dragon! I was so scared I accidentally knocked our popcorn into Lanie's lap..twice!

What's the scariest movie you have ever seen?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pizza Gardening

Lanie's family eats a lot of pizza - apparently it's all her little sister will eat. She was telling me all about how they do something called "pizza gardening" and plant pizza toppings - tomatoes, green peppers, oregano - and make pizzas from their own garden!

I think this is a terrific idea. So today I decided my mom's garden needed a couple of pizza toppings in it too.

Lanie rolled her eyes at me, but I'm dreaming of pepperoni plants...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Spring shopping day!

Today I got to go shopping with my mom and some friends! Lanie and her mom came with us, and we met up with our friends Caitlin and Ellie (and their moms) there. I love shopping - I tried on so many fun outfits. I finally settled on a beautiful black twirly skirt with sequins (Caitlin got the same one, so we will be twins!), a cute skirt with bright flowers, some fluffy pink slippers, and very sophisticated white headband. My mom let me wear the headband this afternoon. I love getting new things!

After shopping we went out for an afternoon tea, which was really fun. Lanie and I wore our best spring dresses. While our moms chatted afterward, we went out and ran around on the fairgrounds. It looks so different without the fair there! I'm used to it being filled with colors and lights.

Do you like my pretty new Spring dress?

We found these great rocks to climb on. From up top I could see such a long way!

Ellie told us a wonderful fairytale about a giant who lived in rocks like these.

Caitlin really loves trees. Her mom laughs and calls her a "tree hugger" - but we're not entirely sure why she thinks it's so funny. Maybe because trees can't hug back?

I had a really great time with Lanie. She's so funny, and she knows so much about nature.