Monday, May 31, 2010


Our local movie theater was doing a special screening of Sleeping Beauty this week, so Lanie and I went to see it.

That movie scares me! Especially the part when everything goes all green and Aurora has to prick her finger - eek! The end is pretty scary too, when Phillip is fighting Maleficent as a dragon! I was so scared I accidentally knocked our popcorn into Lanie's lap..twice!

What's the scariest movie you have ever seen?


  1. Nice photo! Hehe :) Sounds like you two had fun! "Sleeping Beauty" is Gwen's, my sister, favorite movie! :)

    Scariest movie I've ever seen? Hmm.... probably "Knowing".
    Yeah, Lexii, my person, doesn't really like scary movies. Haha!

    -Jess & Lexii

  2. "Cuteness! What an adorable picutre! :D The scariest movie I have ever seen is "Watcher in the Woods." Please don't ever watch it! It will scare you! It scared my person, Mallory, to death!

  3. Love the photo .. I voted for your photo too .. LOL!! We like your new photo at the top .. that is so cute.

    Our scarest movie .. Hmmmm .. we do not watch many movies that scare us .. Mama, and Mara love scary movies ..

    Ta Ta,

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  5. I don't watch a lot of movies, but "The Birds" scares me bananas. Just the mention of that movie makes me want to hide. Hence I have a huge fear of black birds. Crazy Mother, letting me watch that when I was 9.


  6. Probably "Van Helsing" was the scariest and it was kinda gorry too!

  7. Beetle juice is realy weird, but not scary really. Titanic is sad, but not scary. I have no idea! MAYBE G-force? Nah. too cute, GUINA PIGS!
    Hmmmmm I really don't know! Mulan is a little scary. But I was never scared of it. I have seen SO MANY MOVIES! LOL
    XOXO Jenna

  8. Hmmm, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory kinda scared me. The orange and green oompa loompas were kinda freaky and the part in the boat. I like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory though.

  9. Glad you survived the movie and I hope you didn't have any bad dreams. It made me laugh when you said you spilled your popcorn... TWICE!

  10. Hrm...scariest movie WE have ever seen (us dolls) was probably Harry Potter (eh, all of them.) The scariest movie MOM saw...well, recently she saw Case 39 but it wasn't really scary...she saw both 'Descent' movies...they scared her for weeks. XD That's why we don't watch scary movies!! Mom loves them...and Nicki. And Chryss...of coarse. XD

  11. I love your blog sooo much! your photo skills are amazing!

  12. Scariest movie? Well Coraline is a little scary. But if u get scared really easily don't watch it! You have been warned... *~*