Thursday, June 9, 2011

Picnic in the Park

The weather here has been perfect! So perfect that Inky and I decided to go have a picnic in the park. We brought Sunny along to chase away ants.

We also brought along my teddy bear, Albert, and Inky's Icebat.

A picnic blanket...

and some sandwiches...

makes a perfect picnic!

It was nice and sunny, but super windy! Good thing we thought to bring along a kite - perfect kite-flying weather!!

Getting the kite up in the air is always the hardest part. Inky held the string,

And I threw the kite up in the air.

It took a few tries, but at last it was up!

Inky is such a good friend. I'm going to miss her so much when she goes back to New York. Hopefully I'll be able to visit her soon, though!

Inky loves animals and nature - this picture describes her perfectly to me!

Have you been doing anything fun this summer?


  1. You guys look so cute!! And how did you make that kite? It's cool!!

  2. I love that last picture of you two. You look so sweet!

  3. hi we are american girls like you piper and inky we LOVE your pictures p.s. come look at our blog please we are pretty new so tell us what you think please comment

  4. Looks like you both had a great time together! Here's to green grass and good weather,
    Summer and Rebecca

  5. Hi Piper!

    I agree - that photo does seem to describe Inky perfectly! She looks positively radiant there.

    Summer picnics are fun, especially summer picnics with good friends. I really like your kite, too. Did your parents help you make that?


  6. hey piper it's piper and kit and we were wondering where do you get your soooooooooooooo cute clothes???????????

  7. Fabulous pictures!

  8. I went to an end of the year party hosted by my best friend, and I bought a few patterns so I can make clothes for my dolls! :)


  9. Piper, you are beautiful in the summer sun! Looks like the perfect day for sure! We still need to get the kites out at our house.

  10. Yes, Piper! Our Mom has been practicing her photography so we get taken outside a lot more! You and Inky seem like great friends, I'm sure you'll find ways to keep in touch after she goes back to New York! By the way, I just LOVE your shirt! The ruffles are too cute! :)

  11. oh such fun i have been at a lake :) ya so hanging with my cus every week piper um i love ur picks they r so pretty

  12. Hi Piper!
    And Inky, Privyet to you! (that was my sad attempt at Russian...let's hope I got 'hi' right. xD)

    Sounds like loads of fun! Maybe someday us dolls can come visit you! Rye has dreamed of going to NY, and Emilie wants to go just about...everywhere. You two look like you've had a lot of fun together!

    We haven't done a lot this summer yet! Other than Kumi getting her own TV show (that only SOME of us were invited to do with her *glare at Kumi, Linda, Chryss, and Emilie* we haven't done a lot...Just some photoshoots. Oh! Rye and Linda performed their dance for us yesterday! It was quite...entertaining. xD
    (if you want to see it,

    We are planning on going on a walk today, maybe just hang out outside. Get some sun, lay out by the pool (since Mom won't let us IN the pool. :P), stuff like that. :)

    Can't wait to see more of what you're up too! Keep up the great posts! ;)

    ~The Dolls of Jordan (& Jordan. xD)

  13. Look like beautiful weather for a picnic!

    Both of you are wearing such wonderful tops, too!

  14. Wow! You look like you're having so much fun! I love both of your shirts, and your kite!

  15. This looks like fun! Did you make your own kite?

  16. Your outfits are magnificent! You two looked like you had a "basket" of fun! Maybe next time you can visit Inky!

  17. I love this. So cute! What happen to your etsy? I clicked on the link but it didn't work.

  18. Hi, Piper! Your picnic looked like tons of fun! I want to fly a kite now! And eat some watermelon. :)

  19. I can't believe I forgot to wish you a happy birthday! Happy (late) Birthday, Piper!!!!

  20. So cute! =D i love the first picture, very professional. Piper is a darling! :) She is so goofy, yet Loving. Im glad she has a good friend like Inky! :D Inky is a rare name. I've never heard it in my life, Piper goes along as well, both very rare! - that's a good thing! :)
    ~ Lauren

  21. When will you do more?! :) I loooove your pictures!

  22. Cute!! :) When you get a chance, you could check out my blog...
    It's about American Girl, too. :)

  23. Hey Piper! Where did you get the picnic basket? Is it made by American Girl. If so... is it retired?

  24. guys i think something is going on, she hasn't made a post in 2 months and her etsy is closed.