Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Keeping on my toes...

I absolutely love ballet. I could dance all day long! This summer I'll be taking Ballet Foundations 2 at the Ballet West Academy. I can't wait. Every day I stretch and practice.

I always take time to stretch so I won't pull any muscles!

Then I practice my Pliés in each of the five positions - two Demi and one Grand. This is third position.

Miss Lisa always says to use pretty "ballet fingers"!

I'm working really hard on my turnout.

I love attending ballet class with my friends, and I love performing at our recitals! I also love to watch ballet, I got to see Cinderella performed last year and it was so beautiful. Have you ever been to a ballet?


  1. I love the second photo! These are great. :)

    I used to do ballet and we did a few performances. I also saw a few ballets. :)

  2. Stunning pictures! You look like a great ballet dancer, Piper. And you look so beautiful. We're not ballerinas, but we loved to watch the ballerinas, when we used to have dance recitals.

  3. You look like quite a dancer, Piper! :-) Me, I've taken ballet lessons before, but I wasn't too good. It's so graceful, and I lack gracefulness. In that case, maybe I better rejoin a ballet school!


  4. Stunning pictures, Piper! Becky has been forcing me to join her ballet, so maybe I will take it up again--I did ballet when I was younger. Libby saw The Nutcracker broadcast live from the Royal Opera House to a local cinema and it was amazing!

  5. Beautiful pictures...as usual! :) You are an ideal balleria, absolutely beautiful! I can tell you enjoy Balley. Thanks for sharing. I, like any other girl, wanted to do ballet once. I don't know why I never did...I guess I got more entertained by baseball and writing. I got to go to the Nutcracker in December, though and it was amazing!

  6. Piper, you look like your having so much fun! :) You look so cute! :)


  7. I went to see the nut cracker when I was seven for a class trip. I would have brought my doll, but, I didn't find out about American Girl until I was nine. Also, toys weren't allowed in school.

    Man, seeing you dance ballet takes me back to when I did ballet in first grade! You look like you are doing great! :D


  8. I have a friend who is a ballet dancer.. I usually go yo her performances. She's done the Nutcracker a couple of times and I think Swan Lake.