Monday, June 7, 2010

P is for Piper

Remember to vote me for Little Miss Playthings 2010!


  1. You look lovely, Piper!

  2. My AG girls love to look at your pics, and so do I! Good luck at LMPT!


  3. You look so cute Piper! Good luck in LMP!

  4. Beautiful photo, Piper. I love the lighting and raining-letters backdrop. Linnea always takes great photos of you.

  5. The dress goes perfectly with the rainboots and the red umbrella really lends some pop!

  6. Hi Piper!

    That is such a cute picture of you! I LOVE it! :)

    Good luck in Little Miss Playthings!


  7. Wow, that is such an insanely amazing photo! I love the colors.

  8. You are so adorable, Piper! I LOVE your umbrella and your dress!!!

  9. You're so cute! My person wants to get JLY 23 after seeing all the adorable pictures of you. You're very photogenic.

    By the way, some time, could you introduce us to more of your friends? That would be fun...


  10. That's an awesome photo, Piper! It looks so professional-all your photos do!

    Goodluck in LMPT! I'm sure you'll do well; it's been fun being in it :)

    PS: Would you like to exchange blog links? I have one at and so does Kirsten (hers is

  11. Linnea,
    When I read Piper's blog I fell in love with that doll and her name Piper. I was planning on getting her and having the same name. Would that be ok with you? I will tell everyone that is it yours.

  12. That's an amazing shot; how did your person get that to work? :D