Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shopping with Suzie!

Fall means Back-to-School, and Back-to-School means time to shop! My friend Suzie and I went shopping for some fall necessities at our favorite shop, Georgell.

Suzie is the best shopping buddy because she has such unique taste - she is so fashion forward and she helps me be brave enough to try new things!

One of the most important necessities in anyone's closet is underwear. Shopping for undies can be a little uncomfortable sometimes, but you've got to do it!

Wearing clean undies is something you should always do, but I think something else we should all do is wear CUTE undies! Even though no one else knows, it makes a day that much more special.

One of my favorite things to shop for is SHOES!!! It's so fun to try all the different kinds on.

These boots are so Suzie. Doesn't she have amazing style?

Glad she was there to give me advice as I shopped!

But the very best part of shopping is enjoying a cupcake on the restaurant patio after it's all done. Suzie and I felt so grown up sitting out there!

Do you like to go shopping? What is your favorite thing to shop for?


  1. Shopping for clothes is so boring! I like to shop for new toys, especially Ugly Dolls. School supplies are also great to shop for.

    I miss you!

  2. Piper and Suzy are actually my favourite MyAG's!!

  3. Wow! It looks like you and Suzy had a great time. :) I'd love to go to that store. It looks so wonderful!

    I enjoy clothes shopping too, but I also like looking for new figurines or old-fashioned things for my collection. Maggie, of course, is always on the lookout for unicorns or Narnia stuff. :)

    Great to hear from you again. I love your blog! Mama wishes she could take pictures like you have on your blog. :)


  4. teehee, I agree with inky, I like shopping for school supplies, if there are cute things to look at too ^.^

  5. You two look like you had a blast. I don't like clothes shopping, but I love the cute clothes after I've gotten them!

  6. So adorable!!!! :D I love shopping!!! I like to shop for clothes and Star Wars toys. LOL!!
    Great pictures!

  7. I'm SOOO glad to see another post! I love your blog.

    I myself am not really a fan of clothes shopping, but I LOVE shopping for new doll clothes and mini toys that are the right size for them! :)


  8. Salut, Piper!
    I'm glad that you and Suzie had a great day. I would have loved to go on that shopping trip! I very much enjoy shopping, and I love getting new shirts and sweaters. Pants, not so much. Bottoms never excite me as much as tops do.
    PS- I love both of your outfits, by the way. :)

  9. i love shopping but i love shopping for my ag dolls and shoes

  10. Hi, Piper. Kaya and I are in Salt Lake City for a couple of days and we want to go to Georgell- do you have any advice?

  11. Piper! I love your shopping pics! Especially the one where you guys are sitting at the restaurant patio! Your hat is pretty cool!

    Yes, the silver boots are SO Suzie, I love them!
    Did you get them?


  12. I mostly like to go shopping for little trinkets, like accessories, and AG things!

  13. Great to see you Piper! I've really missed reading your blog <3 Georgell looks like an amazing and adorable store! I might have to fly to utah one day to check it out! You inspired me to start my own blog it's no where near as good as yours but it's a start :) It looks like you and Suzy had an amazing time and you both have adorable style! Where did your hat? It's so cute! I want to be a traveling doll some day to if my mom will let me! Maybe if I can convince her she will let me travel to see you, if you'll have me. Which would be AMAZING :D Love, Bria

  14. That's so cool the little store and all! You take amazing pictures!

  15. Oooh, I love Georgell. I live somewhere else, but I visit there every summer. I t would be lovely to meet you.