Monday, October 31, 2011

Hooooooppy Hooooolloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!! I hope you've had an amazing day filled with lots of tricks and treats! It was the most beautiful day here today, blue skies and not too cold. Perfect for Halloween - I didn't need a coat this year.

I did something a little different with my pumpkin this year, doesn't he look crazy??

And this year for Halloween I decided to be one of my favorite animals - an owl! I worked so hard on this costume, and I love it.

What were you this year for Halloween? Did you get treats, or give tricks?


  1. Hi Pipersaurus Rex!

    Your owl costume is awesome possums. I was Cheburashka again this year, but I didn't get to trick or treat because I had Nutcracker rehearsal! Boo!


  2. I just LOVE your owl costume!! It's totally my favorite. Your pumpkin is such a silly face :D


  3. Beautiful costume Piper!! :)

    I was a Jedi Knight, and I got TONS of candY! :) Woohoo!
    Happy Halloween!

  4. I L-O-V-E your owl costume! :D I went as a spy from the 1960's, so I had a satchel handcuffed to me for a few hours. :)

    My dolls were too lazy to make costumes, so they just sat around and ate some of the extra candy leftover from Halloween. ;D


  5. You did an awesome job on your costume .. that is neat it was not cold enough for a jacket. We were unusually warm for our area, usually it snows but it was nice out too.

    Have a great November,

  6. Your costume is so cute, I love owls!

  7. Hey Piper,

    I love your owl costume! That is so cute and clever. Anyway, I'm glad it was a warm night for you. Apparently, it was cold and rainy here. I really didn't dress up at all, though. I arrived home from traveling yesterday and was stripped down for a bath! :o


  8. Salut, Piper!
    I love your costume- it's very creative! The colors look nice on you, and I love the patchwork feathers.
    Where did you find those boots? I love them; they are so stylish. I'd personally love to own a pair.

  9. I love owls, so naturally I LOVE your costume. It was nice and warm here, too, so we had a big party. :)))

    ~ Kiki

  10. Your pumpkin is adorable, as is your costume. Handmade costumes are the best!

  11. That costume is truly adorable! I like the pumpkin trick or treating bucket too.

  12. Piper, I love your costume. It is soooo creative and so cute. I love owls. Your pumpkin is really awesome. What a great idea. I may have to steal it for next Halloween. Love your pictures.


  13. oh my gosh!!!!! that is the cutest costume ever!!!!!!!!! you have the cutest pics ever too! love your blog.

  14. I was an owl too! Oh my gosh! My costume looked just like that, except it was white (I was a snowy owl, like hedwig)