Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Lanie!

After school today, I was eating my snack when I heard a knock at the door.

I answered it, and there was a girl there that I had never seen before!

"Hi," She said. "My name is Lanie Holland, and I'm new in Pleasant County. I heard there was another girl my age here, so I wanted to come introduce myself."

"That's great!" I told her. "Come on in - you must be freezing!"

She told me that she was. "The dress I wore here was definitely not right for this weather - I had to change as soon as I arrived!"

So I invited Lanie to come share my afternoon snack with me.

I told her all about me - my school, my ballet classes, how excited I am for spring to come.
In return, she told me about herself.

Lanie is a scientist! She said I could be one, too. She loves animals and being outdoors. And she's a really good artist.

After we finished our snack, I showed Lanie my Nellie doll. She loved her - but then again, who wouldn't??

I told her all about the American Girl historical dolls. She seemed really interested, so I loaned her Nellie's Promise and sent a catalog home with her, too.

I'm so excited to have a friend who lives so close by! Especially because Lanie loves being outdoors too - I can tell that we'll have lots of fun together this summer. By the way, my person wants me to mention that Lanie came to Pleasant County by way of Badger Wood and The Doll Wardrobe! Check it out!


  1. How fun to meet Lanie! Welcome to the neighborhood. You are a good friend, Piper. I can't wait to see what adventures you two have this coming summer!

  2. Lanie's very pretty! I'm sure you two will make great friends!


    P.S. You and I could be twins! LOL :)

  3. Those are such great photos! I know Lanie will have fun with Piper. :) Mia and Eva

  4. SQUEE! I am so excited for you! Good job as well on introducing her to the historical girls - I love sharing what makes me happy with new friends! ;-)

  5. Lanie is just stunning! Congratulations! :)


  6. Lanie is so adorable! I'm glad that you'll have another friend around. Lanie seems like a very nice girl. I hope you're able to get to know her more.

    Congrats to Linnea on the new doll! :)

  7. Lanie looks absolutely stunning in these photo's! I'm so happy that you have another friend, Piper! I think that you too will have so much fun together in the summer! :)


  8. Your friend, Lanie, is very cute! Congratulations to your person on winning the contest. That's great that you're getting Lanie interested in Historical dolls. :)

  9. Lanie is gorgeous...I really love her sweater and hat! I'm sure you two will be the best of friends.

  10. The pictures of you two are so pretty. I think Lanie is gorgeous (I heard she looks a lot like me!) Maybe I will get to have a Lanie come to my house too.

  11. Nellie's Promise is such a good book...I doubt she'll want to give it back! Have fun with your new friend!

  12. It sounds like you and Lanie had a fun time. I bet she loved looking at the catalog and reading Nellie's Promise. I have a Nellie doll, too, and that book. I also have a Ruthie but Nellie's my favorite AG doll. Though my Isadorah (not an AG) is my most favorite doll :) Also, I do ballet, too, though I'm not the best at it.