Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have the most exciting news!
Today when I was walking home from school, I passed by a house that had a sign out that said "Free puppies" and I got so excited! At dinner, I mentioned it to my parents, and that got my dad really excited! I was not expecting that. We didn't even finish dinner, he had us all jump up and run over there.
Most of the puppies were already claimed, but there was this adorable one just waiting for us. I named him Sunny, because he's so bright just like the sunshine.

Isn't he adorable?

He was a little nervous at first, so I tried to be quiet and not scare him.

He warmed up to me pretty fast though, and decided I make a great playmate. I can hold his front paws and we pretend to dance together! When I do this, he usually starts licking my hands over and over. My dad says that is because he doesn't really like dancing with me, but I think he is wrong.

My mom says having a new puppy around is going to mean a lot more responsibility for everyone. So now I have new chores - feeding him every evening, and taking him for a walk every afternoon.

I can already tell Sunny and I will be best of friends.

Do you have any good advice for me? I've never had a puppy before!


  1. I love getting new pets even though I have only gotten one new one! My advise for you is to keep your puppy in the same bed that you want them to sleep in when they get older and dont let them sleep with you and give them lots of treats because it makes training them a lot easier!

  2. Congratulations Piper! I would suggest that you let Sunny know the rules early on, it saves a lot of time later! Tell him no (and maybe spank him) when he does something bad, but make sure to reward him when he does something good! :)

  3. Aw, Sunny is so cute! I have a dog named Coconut. Having a dog is so much fun! I agree with Mimi. One piece of advice I have for you is to not yell at your dog. Be calm and firm. Also, train him to sit, stay, and heel so he will be easier to manage when he gets older. Have fun training Sunny!


    P.S. As always, I love your clothes! Are they custom-made?

  4. You are so lucky to get a new puppy .. there is a lot of work that goes into it .. but it is so worth it and so much fun too ..

    We allow our 'hairy kids' to sleep with us so if you like to have a friend in bed then I say let him sleep on your bed .. Mama had us get stairs so that they can get on and off the bed easy when they are puppies or older dogs .. they become our hairy kids .. not just dogs.

    Gentleness and kindness is very important .. and treats are very helpful .. try always being as positive as you can .. but do not be afraid to punish when needed ..

    Have fun with Sunny .. I totally love that name ..

  5. Have fun with your new puppy Piper!!!!
    Dogs are amazing :)

    Aisha :)

  6. Aww! Sunny looks absolutely adorable! I love all of the pictures, Piper!
    I'm very happy for you! :) Some advice is just to give it lots of love and attention :)


  7. Sunny looks so cute! I love the last picture of you and and Sunny. :)
    I've never had a dog before but I would just give him/her a lot of attention.


  8. Sunny looks sooooo cute! I love the name! It sounds soooooo Joyful!

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  10. Congratulations, Piper! Sunny is a beautiful puppy :)

    Sitara says not to let Sunny jump around too much, because too much jumping can sometimes hurt a dog's back. I don't know anything about dogs though, sorry!

    The photos are so beautiful! The lighting is absolutely breathtaking <3

  11. Aww, Sunny is cute! I'm glad that your parents let you adopt him. Unfortunately, I've never had a pet, let alone a puppy, so I can't offer any advice. :/ My sister is a bit sensitive to pet fur, and I suspect that I am, too. I can't even be around Anya's cat Licorice without getting watery eyes.

    Have you thought about checking out a book on puppy care from the library? I believe Laura did that when she got a new kitten.


  12. Don't let him pee in the house! LOL congrats Piper!

  13. Congrats on the puppy Piper! Sunny is really cute! I also Love your outfit in the pictures! where did you get it?

  14. Ooh, that last photo of you and Sunny is so picture perfect-you should hang it in your room!

    Congrats on getting a puppy-Sunny is a cute name for him :)

    Puppies are so awesome; I have a puppy named Caro and he and I like to dance together, too, sometimes. He can be a bit of a mischievous handful sometimes but I love him so much! Dogs are very loyal and protective.

    Oh-if Sunny were to ever get stung by a bee, give him lots of love to comfort him ;)

  15. I like the picture of you getting Sunny! Hannah

  16. Hi! I'm Kitty and I love your blog! My mom's friend Kirsten told me about it. I have a dog named Sunny, too! Your blog is so fun to read. It's creative and pretty. My AG Kit started a blog today. I can't wait to read more of your blog! Your dolls do such neat stuff!

  17. Congratulations, Piper! Dogs are a big responsibility, but so very rewarding!

    All of us dolls here have pets! It gets pretty exciting! Emilie's dog, Coconut, is the best trained - by far, so we'll let her give you some advice. :)

    I guess my best advice is, make sure they know YOU are the boss, they have to listen. Treats are very helpful! But love goes a longer way! Remember, old dogs can learn new tricks, but just like humans, they learn most as puppies! -Emilie