Saturday, September 11, 2010


Even though summer is over and school has started, it's still pretty warm here. Today after I finished cleaning my room and doing my other chores, I pulled out my roller blades. They were in the back of the closet and sort of dusty because I haven't used them in a long time.
My mom told me to wear a helmet, but I didn't really want to because I think it makes me look a little bit silly. But safety comes before fashion, I guess.

I was a little wobbly when I started. It took a few tries to really get my balance.

At first that funny Sunny would run behind and chase after me.

But after a little while he got worn out, and sat on the lawn instead. He barked whenever I came by.

I started going faster and faster. The wind felt cold on my face, and still I went faster!

I was going so fast I didn't even see the rock.

I fell down pretty hard, and both of my knees got scraped up a little bit. My left elbow did, too. It stung, and I could feel tears starting in my eyes.

But then Sunny came and comforted me. He knew just where it hurt, and gave me doggy kisses to make it feel better.

I'm glad I wore a helmet after all! Sunny helped me feel better and I got back up and skated back to the house to get my knees washed off.


  1. I loved this little story. :) It was so cute! I loved the 5th picture from the top. It looked like an action shot!


  2. The third picture is my favorite. Rollerblading looks so FUN! I want some rollerblades now!


  3. I'm glad Sunny was there to give doggie kisses, they always help.

  4. Ohhh .. glad that you have Sunny to help it all be ok .. our pets are the best things in the world for comfort and joy ..

    Glad you had fun .. it looked like the perfect day to get out and rollerblade for awhile ..


  5. Aww... pets are the best :)
    My dog Kia is always there for me.
    Feel better soon Piper!

    Aisha :)

  6. Dogs are the best for helping us get back on our feet again. I'm glad you were able to get up and go again!

  7. Ouch, I'm sorry you got a bit scraped up. At least it wasn't worse and Sunny knew just how to comfort you. Great pictures!

  8. thats so cute i liked all of the pics

  9. How sweet! It looks like you and Sunny had a great time bonding!!! :D


  10. Wow! You are so photogenic, Piper! And your person is a VERY good photographer/editor! She's also good at posing!

    We have never attempted rollerblading, but Linda tried ice skating once! It did not turn out as well as your skating did!

    Sounds like so much fun after a long day of school!!

  11. Sunny is a wonderfully trained dog!

    Your clothes are so cute! Do you know where your person gets the?