Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ghost Suckers!

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Today I made ghost suckers!! They are made from white chocolate and are super delicious. I'll show you all how I made them, so you can make them too!

Ghost suckers are easy, and you don't need a lot of supplies.

First, put some wax paper down on your cookie sheets. This will make your clean up a lot easier.

Then lay out your sucker sticks. I used black sucker sticks because it's almost Halloween! But if you don't have sucker sticks, you could even use Popsicle sticks.

Set those aside for now.

The only other ingredients you need are chocolate chips! You need lots of white chocolate chips, and a few milk chocolate chips.

Put your white chocolate chips in a bowl. Make sure it's a microwave safe bowl!

Put them in your microwave for 30 seconds, take them out, and stir. If they aren't melted yet, microwave them for 20 seconds more, and stir. Keep doing this until they are just melted - they probably won't look melted until you stir them up!

Now that your chocolate is melted, start shaping your ghosties. Spoon out the chocolate around each sucker stick in the shape of a ghost. The best part is they don't need to be perfect - every ghost is different! After you've shaped them, push two milk chocolate chips in for eyes.

I gave some ghosts arms.

And I gave other ghosts mouths with a third milk chocolate chip.

Aren't they funny looking? They make me laugh. They also make me start singing the Disney song about grim grinning ghosts who come out to socialize!

Now it's time to wait for them to harden. In the meantime, I should probably clean my dirty dishes...

Washing dishes isn't my favorite thing to do, but it sure is nice to help the time pass! Time to check if they are hard enough! You'll know they're ready when they pop right up off that wax paper and look just like a sucker.

Mmmmm! So delicious!

Happy Halloween!!! I'm going out into the crisp fall air with my grim grinning ghost to socialize! If you make ghost suckers too, let me know!

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  1. How stinkin' awesome are those??!?! Mmmm, chocolate..... great idea! I don't think I know that Disney song - can you give any more tips? It sounds hilarious.

  2. Yumm.... These look delicious!

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  4. I am listening to that song now! Cute suckers!

  5. That is such a cute (and yummy!) idea, Piper! The last photo had amazing focus as well. :)


  6. So cute! And I love the bokeh in the final photo.


  7. Ooo, I'm going to make some ghost suckers too!

  8. Piper! Those are sooo cute! And the look de-lish! :D

    Stay True,

  9. What a great tutorial. Beautiful work!

  10. Hahaha!! When I told my mom: "I'm learning how to make Ghost Suckers from and eleven-year-old," she just looked at me like: What?? YUM! :D You should write a cook book called Piper's Pleasures. :)

  11. Those look soooo good! I want to make some now-yum! Maybe we can make some today :)

  12. That's a great idea! I'm going to try and make some for a Halloween party I'm going to if I have time.

    ~ Kiki

  13. Oh my god , I am falling in love with yhur blog !!!!! Oh this is kittzykk btw ;) its amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAH !! I love the lighting so perfect ! and where can yhu get those teeny hole punchers ? Soooo amazing and the bowls and pans and spoon! im going to faintttt ............... <3 :D