Sunday, December 5, 2010

Haul out the Holly!

Put up the tree before my spirit falls again!

Just spirit isn't about to fall! Christmastime is one of my favorite times of the whole year!

My friend Caitlin is visiting from Nevada right now, so she helped me set up the tree. Lanie came over too, so we had a little tree trimming party.

Caitlin helped me tackle the lights while Lanie got out the trimmings. Isn't it crazy how there is always one light that just magically goes out every year?

Caitlin asked me if she could put up the star. I wanted to say no, because that is so fun and I love putting it up. But I thought that because she is a guest I should let her do the really fun things. I want her to enjoy her visit with me!

I need a little Christmas! Right this very minute!
I have so many fun things planned during December. I can't wait to share them all with you!


  1. You all look like you had a great time and worked together very well to get ready for Christmas! Happy Holidays!!

  2. Beautiful pics! :) We just put up our tree, too.

    Tess (from Tess and Maggie's blog, just stuck using beast'sbelle's username...since she's the person and I'm just the doll) :)

  3. Cool tree, Piper! I especially love the last picture! :)

  4. Salut Piper,

    A tree-trimming party, how fun! And how great that Caitlin has come to stay with you for a while! I'm sure you have lots of fun things planned for her visit. :)

    Gorgeous group photo of the three of you, by the way!


  5. Awww, Caitlin looks like she is having a lot of fun!

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  7. hey thats sooo cute and im learning that song in school too hahaha

  8. It sounds like the three of you had tons of fun together! :)