Friday, December 16, 2011

Paper Snowflakes!!

Here it is, the middle of December, and we have no real snow on the ground yet! So I decided it was time to take care of that problem myself. I have made two new friends at my new school, so I invited them over and we made beautiful paper snowflakes together!

This is Kennedy, on the left, and on right is Jayda. I was nervous to start at a new school after we moved, but I shouldn't have been. Kennedy and Jayda are so much fun, I'm glad I met them.

Do you have any snow at your house yet? What fun things are you doing to decorate for the holidays?


  1. Dear Piper,
    I love the super cute pic. Your mom really knows how to use her camera.
    Sadly there never is any snow where we live so our Christmas is not really "white" LOL
    We'll have to cut out snowflakes just like you and your friends! Kennedy and Jayda must be really nice, I'm glad you're doing well in your new school!
    Aside from the tree inside our house we're decorating a tree that's outside by the sidewalk. We put a golden ribbon around it, and we're making ornaments with glitter. We'll post a pic after it's done!
    We love looking at your blog.

  2. I am going to decorate our tree this weekend! I can't wait! Also we have to put our stockings up this weekend. I can't wait for that either! And by the way, your mommy takes beautiful pictures. I wish my mommy could take pictures like that! We are going to make snowflakes to decorate the house. Is it okay that I borrowed your idea? I hope so. Thank you! P.S. I borrowed my mommy's blog to post this. Shhh! Don't tell her!

  3. We did all of our decorating in one day, but I was exhausted afterwards! I felt that we really didn't get time to enjoy it, but our house is all festive now. :)

    I WISH we got snow on Christmas where I live, but we usually don't. I mean, not in the five years I've spent here, but there could've been an oddball year. It's kind of sad for me because I used to get SO much snow on Christmas when we lived in Maine, and I really miss it. But it's always nice to meet new people in the places I've lived. :)


  4. Hi Piper! We don't usually get snow where we live, either. We do love decorating for Christmas, though. Mama and her family put a big, beautiful tree up in their living room, and Tess and Hailey have a doll-sized tree in our room. All of us got to choose a few decorations to put up in our own rooms, so everything looks really festive. I'm getting very excited for Christmas! :D


  5. I love your header! What did you use to make it?

    I live in Texas, so I don't get any snow. :(

  6. Those are some cute snowflakes!! I love Kennedy's outfit!!! Is it from American Girl???

  7. Bonsoir, Piper!
    The snowflakes are beautiful! I love your boots, and I love your sweaters! Sweaters are definitely my favorite winter wear.

  8. Hi Piper,

    What pretty paper snowflakes! :)
    We rarely get snow in December here, and we're lucky if we get it at all come January or February. Oddly, I'm not really in a holiday mood, but my school is planning a winter festival. Hopefully that will get me in the spirit! I figure that I might try ice skating again at the festival.


  9. Hi Sewer Pipes!

    Your snowflakes look really cool. We have some paper snowflakes on our windows in the living room, but no snow on the ground. We had a big snowstorm right before Halloween, but no snow since then.

    I've been in the holiday spirit since October with my Nutcracker music! I know some people get bored of it after a while, but I think the music is so magical and perfect for the holiday season.

    =^..^= Inky =^..^=

  10. Hi Piper!!
    I love you sweater! It looks so warm and fuzzy. I'm glad you've made friends, I know it can be hard when you move. We don't have snow where I live either, but that's OK, as long as I get a white Christmas!! Merry Christmas Piper!!

  11. OOOO the snowflakes are sooo pretty. Please visit my blog

  12. You look like you had a lot of fun with your new friends. No real snow here either :(

  13. Wow no snow were you live we have had snow since November even check out my blog my doll Hilary was so excited! :D

  14. Hi Piper,

    Snow,snow,snow where are you? Maybe if we all make snowflakes real snow will follow!

  15. Piper! That looks like so much fun! I love making paper snowflakes! I hope you had a great Christmas!

    ~Lily Rose and friends