Sunday, January 10, 2010

I entered!

Today I entered the Liberty Jane 2010 Winter design contest.
I really really want Lanie to come live here - I can already tell we'd be best friends. Plus she looks a lot like my person, which is really fun.
I sat down today and designed an outfit to enter the contest. It's a fun dress for the summer time - the type of thing you could wear every day. Made of a blue-green linen, with a white braided trim overlaid on the bottom portion in a floral pattern. I think it will really set off Lanie's eyes, plus the flowers echo her love for nature. I included a 3/4 sleeve white cardigan for Lanie, because I know those New England nights can be chilly. And of course some sassy yellow ballet flats and a yellow bracelet!
You can view it here.
I begged my person to try to make the dress herself if I don't win. She said she might try, but she definitely doesn't have Cinnamon's skills. :-)
Also - good luck to Cinnamon! Right now there are over 1,200 entries - that is going to take a while to get through!


  1. Good luck! The outfit sounded really pretty. The link wouldn't work on my computer so I couldn't see the actual outfit. It sounds absolutely perfect for Lanie, though. :-)


  2. Hi Piper!
    My name's Mia StClare and I love this blog! You are very pretty :)
    I like your header picture, too. I'll follow your blog and add it too my link list...hopefully soon, sometimes I'm pretty lazy :) No, I'll go do it right now! Anywaaaaaaay...I love that outfit, I didn't enter, but I think I'll enter the next contest. Good luck!