Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day...a little late!

I wanted to blog on Valentine's Day, but things have sure been busy around here!

I love Valentine's Day - chocolates and cute little cards! What more could a girl want?

My friend Corde sent me the funnest Valentine's package. Look at these amazing socks that she sent!

She also sent this adorable little bear and a Valentine she made all by herself!!

It's so nice to feel appreciated, as Anne Shirley says. Corde is hopefully going to come to Utah for a visit this July!


  1. Those socks are adorable! Can Piper send me a pair?

    Queen Lucy

  2. What cute socks! That was very nice of Corde. I hope you girls have fun together in July. :)

  3. I love your socks, Piper! That was very nice of Corde to send you all those goodies. Happy Valentine's Day! :)


  4. I love the socks Piper! They are so adorable! And the bear stuffy and Valentine are very cute as well! Very cute stuff!

  5. Squee! What fun. Are you wearing the necklace from the Heart Dress? I remember you wanting that outfit, I'm glad you got it!

  6. Those socks look too cute, Piper! You have a very nice friend! Hehe. I hope you can see her in July! :)
    p.s. Happy Late Valentine's Day! :)

    -Jess & Lexii

  7. How nice of Corde to send you a Valentine's day present and card. Those socks are so adorable, and so is the bear!

  8. I'm glad you like them. I got some socks too and my person will attempt to make me a Liberty Jane skirt, then we can be twins!
    TTFN- Corde