Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweet Surprises!

Today I got something in the mail! I love getting mail, it makes me feel so grown up.
There was a small package along with a letter. I opened the letter first.

The cutest little envelope with MY name on it!

It's a letter from Inky! Inky lives in New York, and she's my new pen-pal. It's so much fun to have a pen-pal, because I get to hear about what life is like in other places. I love reading Inky's blog and hearing about the adventures she has.

And she sent a custom tee from AGPNY, just like I wanted!! It says "Life is full of sweet surprises" on the front.

That was so nice of Inky - now I'm putting on my thinking cap to think of something special I can send her! Life really is full of sweet surprises, isn't it? Have you ever had a pen-pal?


  1. That was really nice of Inky! I love the card and envelope, and the shirt is scrumptiously beautiful! You look so pretty in it. :) Now I want an AG Place tee! ;)
    I've not got a penpal, but I wish I did. Maybe someday. :)
    Happy Early Valentine's Day!

  2. I think Inky is a great pen pal, Piper! :) That tee is TOO cute! Too bad it's a custom :(

    Anyways, I've never had a pen pal. I have many friends online, but now I'm thinking of getting a pen pal! :)
    Cute post, Piper!
    ~Jess (and Lexii)

  3. Oh, and one last question: my person Sitara is wondering what type of camera & lens do you use? The depth of field is amazing!

  4. That's so nice of Inky! She sent a very sweet valentine and such a cute shirt. Your person takes very nice pictures of you!

  5. You are really lucky to have such a great pen pal! That shirt is so cute and Inky's blog is really fun.
    Neither of us have pen pals, but we would like to! :)) Mia and Eva

  6. Piper, I'm so glad you like the shirt. Isn't it cool how the sprinkles are shiny?


  7. Aww, that was so nice of Inky! The cards was very cute and the t-shirt was absolutely adorable.
    I have never had a pen pal but I would like to have one! :)


  8. Don't you just love penpals? I'm on my second and their are SO nice. Mia (sistersinheart) was my last one. Now I have another one! (Kit) :) I love penpals!
    Lola Bean
    Happy Valentines Day!